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OIIBF is an independent establishment that concerns itself with the research aimed at offering a clearer picture of various aspects of what is called the Islamic banking and finance.


This is an old and in the same time a new field in the financial world. It is old in the sense that it has been around in different forms throughout the history of the Muslim world. In this sense, it must be borne in mind that the Islamic law has not been merely a religious law to be observed only by the faithful on a voluntary basis. Rather it has been the constitutional law of many Muslim lands across the history with its various provisions including its financial laws being in practice. It is new in the sense that it has witnessed a renewal of the rules as well as the image in the recent decades to be offered as an alternative to the traditional finance and banking systems prevalent in the West and to some extent in other territories with completely or partially similar systems. In this sense, a rule of thumb is to cling to the jurisprudential foundations of the Islamic financial law and in the same time offering packages that could be not only operational but also completive vis a vis the other financial systems.


Islamic banking and the finance sector is growing at a staggering rate and numerous institutions internationally and locally have opted to enter into this arena of financial booming industry through setting up their own units which are designated to work on this industry.


Of attraction is e.g. the underlying principle of Islamic banking and finance which is the principle of justice. This is a fundamental ideological cornerstone that is perceived to be a crucial requirement for all kinds of Islamic financial transactions. It is envisaged that in any transaction involving profits both or all participating parties have to be prepared to share both any profits earned or any losses incurred. This is a principal of essential significance that finds its manifestations across a broad range of decisions related to shaping projects and structures.


Likewise another attractive feature of the Islamic banking and finance system is that the consideration of ethical issues and moral values. This feature has rendered this system not only a matter of religious commitment to Muslims who regard it highly but also to those non-Muslims who are concerned about the way their savings and investments are being handled.


The ideas are still developing and advantages and disadvantages are still being assessed. However, success stories as well as the incredibly high volume of trade based on this system necessitate diligent work that is our main goal in this Institute.

We are privately run and unrelated to and independent from institutions and universities in the UK.

Furthermore as our operation is diversifying our title is Occidental Institute for Islamic Banking and Finance. Any advertisement or promotion with a different title has to be reverted and overlooked in account of our current title.



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